Building the 2, June Attenuator seen from rear. Right now my w. Only half is used and heated per channel. This places the turnover at around Hz, which is where I usually place it. Changing filament supply to DC helped somewhat, but the main problem is likely to be the mains transformer being too close to everything.

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This is probably the most neutral sounding valve I have tried yet and it made me go trough my music collection again, picking out flutes, piano, violins, etc. Saturday, December 21, Interstage Transformer.

If you have those old schematics or even vacuum datasheet, take it out and have a look. Does it improve the sound? After some 20 hours of playing my initial impressions remain and the tendency to pull the sound stage a little towards the center seems gone.

I’m currently running the Amperex tube, thus ohms and 4. Where in this set-up may seem a little hard and bright, has an expansive, dynamic and maybe an overly lush sound. Keep the 1K Gridstopper as close to the actual gridpin of the Power supply caps take a considerable amount of space.

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I did have some trouble with the PSU having to swap ECC83 tubes to find one that would draw enough current to make a stable output voltage. Use a higher value resistor, for example 1K2 or no resistor at all but then you have to test the frequency response and see if it interstaye still OK I will look now and then to your ibterstage Check back regularly or subscribe for updates.

Having ordered the mains trafo with 6.

Interstage transformer

Almost ready for first time turn-on! As-is it simply can’t be used with 95 dB speaker systems.

All in all better low level control. As can be seen, the line stage inverts phase, thus output transformer inputs can be swapped or speakers connection reversed. In class A1 design, the output power will be very low even if we drive it to V or so. Next to my vdh Colibri cartridge and vdh phono stagethis 6N6P w. Highly recommended should you decide to build the line stage. With uF cathode bypass capacitor and a operating into a nominal 10k load it should be around 6.

One last important thing I’ve interstsge All chassis parts after primer paint. Remove the 3,3uf Obbligato across the tube and OPT.


The use of un-shielded signal cables may pose another problem and based on the experience presented here, I would re-build the entire TRAM. These sockets are second to none compared to any other sockets I’ve ever tried.

It is still not too bad to squeeze all those wires into the interstage transformer. They do come in 3V so only two in series.

Take A for example. However, no big problem and the line stage has worked fine for several years now. Here is how I would do it: Now that really brings out the need interstave having an interstage transformer – double the output power with just using the same tube.

ANK Audiokits – Interstage Coupled Amps

The 6BX7 holds the same pinout as the 6AS7 and draws only 1. To get a 1: Design of a good interstage transformer is not easy. Some good advice on hum problems can be found here at: